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May 03, 2011


Hello Doctor Breus,
I would like to add that guided sleep meditation helps me to sleep better. I feel as if I am being pampered to sleep. I listen to many guided meditation and I would like to enclose one that I found recently that helps me to fall asleep and sleep better.
Thank you for your work.

It seems to me that the title of this article/blog is a bit misleading. Some people will read the words "sleep more" and equate the length of time spent in bed as being the same as getting good quality sleep. As someone with sleep apnea I can attest that the number of hours spent lying in bed asleep does not mean that one will feel rested in the morning. Before getting a cpap machine I was sleeping 12 hours a night but still feeling exhausted in the morning. After getting a cpap machine I am now getting better quality sleep and feeling better in the morning.

Perhaps the title should say, "Sleep better, eat less, lose weight".

Hi Michael

I read with extreme interest about your new book called:
"-The Sleep Doctor's Diet Plan: Lose Weight through Better Sleep."

With regards to the questions that you post in your article, here are my replies.

a) Do you find that you eat more throughout the day after a bad night’s sleep? - Yes. I do shift work and am tired a lot of the time. I find also that I put on too much weight.

b) Are you tired, both from lack of sleep and of useless fad-diets? - I have tried most diets and for me they just do not work.

This is why I am interested in your book.


Well noted point about getting a good sleep & a health life.
thanks for sharing the post.

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