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August 26, 2009


I've read through your post twice now, and I still don't see how a patch is going to be any better than the pill. Both do the same thing: deliver melatonin. Seems to be a much less invasive thing to just pop a pill than slap on a patch that you have to continue to wear...

I represent the relaxation beverage iChill which is composed of Melatonin primarily - plus Valarian Root, Rose Hips and B vitamins.

I am not trying to sell you on the product at all but I wanted to make you aware. Click on

Thank you Doctor.

What about Melatonin "Spray" dosing? I have been using this type of delivery for about 4 mos. and it seems to be helping me, a long term chronic insomniac. My hx. of migraines though is a concern if there is any relation to the constriction of arteries leading into the neck/head, then THAT would be counterindicated for me, any news there? Thanks Pamela in Plano TX.

My son has Autism and has taken Melatonin for 3 years to sleep. Your article has made me nervous about the effects on his sexual development. He has enough issues without that to deal with. I have also read about a link to infertility.Can you please write another article to tell all of the parents of Children with Autism what to do about this? I know a lot of children taking this for sleep disorders caused by Autism and now we may have another problem. Thanks for your help.

Dr. Breus emphasizes the potential negative effects of Melatonin supplementation without mentioning the potential positive effects. Studies on rodents have shown that Melatonin supplementation extended life of the rodents. Melatonin has shown statistically significant effects when used as a supplemental cancer treatment. It is a known antioxidant. In short, yes while there may be some negative effects from taking Melatonin, there also may be some even more consequential positive effects.

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