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July 06, 2009


Great post. I find the difficulties and choices made by couples in their sleeping habits to be fascinating. I'd love to read more on this topic.

Here's a recent article I particularly enjoyed on couples' sleeping arrangements:

I'd love to see more like it. Thanks!

Sleep is the most important rest that we need, we cant work and we can't get energetic in the whole day when we are lack of sleep.

While I've found that daily habits and personal choices have a tremendous impact on how well rested I feel and how long I sleep, it is my personal experience that natural bedding choices also effect me strongly. Sure, the memory foam beds work for many of my friends, but I am much happier and sleep much better with a 100% Natural Latex mattress and contoured pillow. (I got them from

Stress is the most important thing to control. If you can keep your head clear when you go to bed, instead of having stressful thoughts running through it, you should have a great night of sleep.

All of our doctors at The Specific Chiropractic Center advocate the importance of sleep to our patients during their care. You have made some interesting points here concerning the impact of a relationship on one's sleep and health in general.

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