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May 06, 2009


I agree that these people are mostly fooling themselves. This is research showing additional potential adverse health consequences besides the prediabetes issue. These include greater likelihood of obesity (mechanism may be disruption of hormone levels that affect regulation of appetite), greater chance of high blood pressure, greater chance of heart disease. One study done at Harvard Medical School fairly recently found higher overall mortality (ie, higher risk of death from all causes).

"...if you’re about to change the world with an incredible invention you’ve been working on like mad...then it’s highly unlikely — I’ll make that impossible — that you’re reading this blog."

Leave that at highly unlikely, but still possible.

Like the post. Making changes is tough and sleep has never made it to the top of the list for most of us.

Winston Churchill as a short sleeper is a myth. According to his wife, he needed "eight in every 24." Churchill, like many others, did nothing to correct this view of him as needing little sleep. The strong cultural attitude that sleep is mostly a waste of time encourages politicians, generals, artists, kings, and queens to present themselves as beings who require little sleep. Howeve, a close study of their actual habits will show that they are almost all dedicated and regular nappers.

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