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April 14, 2009


Hi Dr. Breus -- Insomniac here. Have done the basics you mention in this post, and they are good tips, but...given the name of this blog, I wonder if insomniac readers like me might ask a follow up question. IF we've tried all these things, and still have problems (mine is waking up after 5 hours of sleep, not falling asleep), what should we do? Melatonin gives me nightmares, which is really a small price to pay for sleep. It also leaves me very groggy in the morning -- which may make some sense based on your note that melatonin leaves the body by 9 am, after 12 hours in the body. Tonight I'm going to buy a few lights with dimmers to use after dark. I've read lights should be turned down low an hour before bed. What other natural things could an insomniac do to try to help along the body's sleep mechanisms? Thanks!

"No other hormone is available in the United States without a prescription. "

Not true ... DHEA is available OTC.

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