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February 09, 2009


Is needing total darkness to sleep a sleep disorder? I have to have all the lights out even the ones that come under the door - lED light and clock anything even curtain cracks - finally someone recomended this site

and found some relief - otherwise all the towels and dusters and clothing get piled everywhere LOL

That is an amazing story. As funny as it is, it is serious. I suppose she might have woken sooner if she did not have sleep apnea altogether. Myself have has problems with sleeping for a few years now, and added complications are occurring due to it. So that's when I decided to google the globe in search of some understanding. The root of it all is my work schedule and lack of physical activity. The folks over at the live forever site at were chatting with me about working on my new routines and I have found it very helpful and personable and knowledgeable. Thanks guys!

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