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March 27, 2008


Hi Doc!
One of the big surprises about using a CPAP machine is that it does not turn off the opposite sex, nor the sex drive. I started using CPAP in 1991 and I do not suffer from sex starvation, strangulation or repulsion.

That said, one of the common but little reported issues with sleep apnea is lowered libido and capability. This might logically be an issue of being "tired" but I find my well treated CPAP using associates still having more issues than others.

These issues go beyond sex and include general physical activities. I increasingly suspect this has to do with dopamine and encourage health professionals to take a closer look.

Quite often sleep apnea includes not just the obstructive symptoms, but also restless leg syndrome. Treating the apnea sufferer more generally for sleep disorder includes therapies that also work for Parkinsons.

From my point of view (a lifetime of sleep problems including what is subserved under the current notion of sleep apnea), medical tags mislead researchers (and commnetators) who focus on small portions of problems and too often miss the context.

I now have TWO doctors who listen to me rather than tell me (among several hundred, the record speaks for the industry). You did the same thing, no research or examples indicated, the advice of the almighty unknowing. You hit the corner of the head of the nail, and bent it a bit more.

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