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February 07, 2008


I think that this is an interesting subject and I agree with four out of the five suggestions. The one I disagree with is saying that your child must sleep in a different room/bed. I always laugh a little when people say that if the child sleeps in bed with their parents that they will never learn how to sleep or that they will not be independent or that the parents must not have a good sex-life anymore. My son slept with us the first eight months of his life and now does it on and off and he has always been independent, always sleeps better with us, and our sex life never slowed down!! Passion does not have to be confined to a bed. In fact, I believe that sex can get boring if you do it in the same place over and over and over. Spice it up a little people! It's much more exciting to say that you did it in the shower with your husband this morning or in the kitchen while he was on lunch break. However, I do like the other four suggestions and will be implementing them into my family in in the near future.

Great article, I agree 100%! I'm going to link to it on my website, if yu don't mind...I think that a lot of parents can benefit from this advice.

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